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Global homehotel allows locals to post their homehotels and travellers to rent them. We are not a rental company, but make renting safe by holding onto money until both traveler and local are satisfied. Once a booking is confirmed, the host and guest discuss details between themselves without Global homehotel.
  • Payment security

After arrival you have 24 hours to contact GHH to get a  refund. You will receive a refund if there is proof of some detail of the homehotel that was not as advertised. If you need help write to
  • Cost

Global homehotel is free to use as both a traveler and a local. When a transaction occurs on the site, we charge a 13% commission split between the traveler and the local. For example if a traveler tries to book a homehotel listed at $100, then GHH would charge $110 to the traveler, and the local would receive $97. That 13% represents all the fees on your transaction through us, because we pay all the credit-card companies and financial institutions from our commission. Please note that it is the responsibility of the travelers and locals to pay additional local sales and income taxes, to the local government if applicable in their area.
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