The world is changing, and so is travel. Now where to stay on holiday is going peer-to-peer. We introduce travelers looking for fresh perspectives on their travels, with locals that have room to spare. Hotel meets home.


  •  More homey, local experience than a hotel.
    • Stay in authentic local homes giving you a genuine taste of what life is like as a resident of the city. Choose a Global homehotel that is vacant, or share one that is currently occupied; either way it’s entirely different from the common boring hotel room.
  • An option for every budget.
    • Given that anyone can list on the site a large and diverse variety of homehotels are available. That  means you can find something perfect for your needs, and most importantly your desires.
  •  Woman friendly,  safer, cleaner travel.
    •  As a woman you need to be more cautious when traveling, that’s why we created the “Woman’s Choice” badge, for female-only houses. You can’t be too safe (or too clean).


  • Capitalize on your under used space.
    • Whether you have spare bedroom or an entire unused holiday home it’s an asset which can be used to its full potential. Travelers need somewhere to stay, and you have it, so let’s make a deal.
  • Understand and control which travellers you put up.
    • Letting someone you haven’t met personally into your home is a difficult step, that’s why you will get to screen and judge which travelers you approve. Everyone is required to have a profile and conversations are a click away.
  • No up-front costs means no price for trying.
    • Listing is free, that’s our unchanging philosophy. Only after all parties are satisfied, does (GHH)homehotel take a commission during the booking process. That way not only is everyone happy, but more people are happy.